Nityananda’s bizarre claim, said, “If I set foot on Indian soil, corona will flee.”

(special news for baba) Now the country is fighting the corona epidemic. So now the infection has been found to be declining slightly. Meanwhile, a video of self-proclaimed saint Nityananda has surfaced. In the video, he says that by the time India steps on the ground, the country will reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease.

In the video, which was released a few days back, one of Nityananda’s disciples is questioning when corona will leave India. In response, Nityananda says that the goddess ‘Amman’ has already entered her spiritual body. corona will leave India when she sets foot on Indian soil. Nityananda’s video has gone viral on social media.
Nityananda, a self-proclaimed saint, has been charged with sexual harassment. He left India in 2016 and returned. Now he claims to have created a virtual island, named Kailash.

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