Lagila Katkana: There will be no rath yatra anywhere other than Puri

(odisha puri) Like last year, the state government has imposed a curfew on rath yatras this year. Rath yatras cannot be held anywhere else in the state except Puri. Pradeep Kumar Jena of the Special Relief Commission (SRC) made the announcement today. He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Kerala\’s government.

According to the SRC, the rath yatra will be held in Puri this year as well as last year. Devotees cannot join the procession. Only services will be involved. There will be rules for them too. Services that have taken two doses of vaccine or that have a negative ARTPCR test report 4 hours before the ride can be included.

\”Like last year, the curfew will be imposed in Puri this year,\” he said. Buses and vehicles will be cut off from Puri.

SRC Mr Jena said the Nitikanti could be completed without rath yatras in all other temples in the state. Nitikanti can be performed in the temple premises. But nothing can be done outside the temple.

The SRC said the state government\’s information and public relations department would take over the live broadcast of the Puri rath yatra. \”Other channels from the Information and Public Relations Department can take feedback,\” he said. They do not need to arrange for it to be broadcast live. Arrangements will also be made in consultation with the district administration to take a permanent picture of the procession.

The rath yatra will be held on July 12 this year.
During the rath yatra last year, the first wave of corona was in the state. Now the second wave of corona is going on in the state. Although the number of daily infections has been about half as high as in the past few days, the situation has not returned to normal. There are still more than 6,000 cases of daily infection. The third phase lockdown continues in the state, which will end on June 16. The situation is expected to improve in the coming weeks. Depending on the situation, the government will decide whether to lift the lockdown after the 19th.

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